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Friendly Farms Sdn Bhd

FRIENDLY FARMS SDN. BHD. (FFSB) was incorporated in Langkawi. FFSB is the First Cheese producing company in Malaysia producing Mozzarella and other types of cheese.

The two pioneers, Mohd. Micheal Bruschi and Norzana Ghazali are a force to be reckoned in Langkawi as the producer of the best fresh halal cheese.

FFSB cheese demand exceeds the supply. At the moment, supplies are limited to Langkawi’s hotels and restaurants and some hotels and restaurants in KL.

Touch Milk Sdn. Bhd. & Friendly Farms Sdn. Bhd. joint venture company

Authorised Capital

RM 500,000.00
Paid–Up Capital RM 500,000.00

Equity Participation

Touch Milk Sdn. Bhd.

Norzana Ghazali 20%



Major factor hindering FFSB to increase production is the fresh milk supply. There is not enough milk production in Langkawi and elsewhere in Malaysia. FFSB needs a strategic partner who

could constantly supply fresh milk of high quality as cheese making requires quality fresh milk. Thus the Joint Venture was formed between FFSB and Touch Milk Sdn. Bhd., (TMSB).

TMSB at the farm located in Ulu Lepar, Pahang, produces Simmental fresh organic milk which is ideal for FFSB cheese making. In Langkawi, we will produce high quality organic milk from simmental for the aged cheeses and we will produce high quality organic milk from Indian Murrah water buffalos for the famous Italian Mozzarella.

With the venture, TMSB in collaboration with FFSB could look forward not only to increase the production of its cheese to 6,000 kilos a month but also in other types of products such as, various types of Yogurts (3,000 kilos per month), Mozzarella cherries (1,500 kilos per month), Mascarpone (600 kilos per month), Mozzarella ‘Silano’ - the best Italian Mozzarella for pizza and pasta (9,000 kilos per month) and a variety of Aged cheeses.

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